Cali Quake

by Shames Worthy



Raphi's debut solo album.


released October 1, 2002



all rights reserved


Shames Worthy Los Angeles

He’s been referred to as “the emcee’s emcee”. He’s a founding member of the TUNNEL RATS crew as well as the group Footsoldiers. RAPHI, who now goes by SHAMES WORTHY paid his dues at such legendary spots as The Good Life, Project Blowed, Elements, Unity, The Breaks & Foundation during “the wonder years” of L.A. Hip-Hop. He’s been all across the country as well as the UK, Australia & Israel. ... more

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Track Name: Intro
Back from the dead.
I'm coming out swinging.
Ear to the streets
Hear what the people singing.
Melodies of fatigue.
Tried of the plain.
Its time for change.
Some of y'all sound the same.
I warn you whoever don't believe will.
I'll keep puttin' it down 'til crowned "King of the Hill."
Don't trip I keep it real but still be dressed to kill.
And what's ill is how this man keeps his hand concealed.
Its cuz I deal.
Never reveal my cards even in my own yard.
That's how a fool will get scarred.
Turn up the heat but chill to the 3rd degree.
Bachelor's to Master's see they can't learn me.
No Professor I'm a protester.
Real West Co representer.
Never shook up in the epicenter.
Always still down to rip opposites.
Rewind that line to find it.
Trip when you do.
Back in the day when I was able to be another MC
in the back of a room with no name
I could tell the ones who would not make it
and who would fake it.
But it wasn't me tho because I had what it took.
Ya better believe I gave it all.
I made 'em look twice. Did it right.
I knew I had to get up in the spotlight.
I followed rules and paid dues.
And I got tight when I rocked mics.
Coming up with or withOUT anybody.
And I doubt you got what it takes
to make them scream & shout.
"CALI QUAKE" will shake the states.
Then I'm out. Look.
Life aftershock shook.
Read from the good book.
Crackin' the concrete when I put my foot down.
Sounding like thunder but under the ground.
So there's no need to wonder how I move the crowd.
Say it loud. I told you to "Wake Up Boy!"
back on "EXPERIENCE" and now I gotta shake it up.
Track Name: Connect
Come in. Connect. Link up with the set.
The empires building higher everyday we seem to get wiser.
Able to look past our 1-track mind's
field of comprehension cuz see I crossed that line.
I'm a full-time thinker. Musical street teacher.
Beat heat-seeker. Light at the end reacher.
Meet ya wherever you are, so you won't stay right there.
I spend most of my time writing rhymes in a rocking chair.
Who wanna test the hair to this throne? Leave it alone.
If in the zone I'm like a cyclone. I wreck it then I'm gone.
I gave love AND I got love. They got their heads blown
Plus "He who is without sin, cast the 1st stone".
Yea we've been through this.
So "Before we slaughta you oughtta realize"
that man we see you dis, and practice the blacklist of wackness.
So if & when I catch you, & you're on it, then my back you kiss.
So fool relax and just max to this activist.
Forever be putting facts in this
international Tunnel Rat fat mix with a twist.
Don't ever try to resist cuz it will not be tolerated.
Blowing up the spot but just to elevate it.

Come in. Connect. Man we all gon' shine.
Come in. Correct. Show love this time.
Come in. Connect. Come one come all.
I gotta connect with y'all. Get up off the wall!

What's up my people?! We 'bout to get it crackin'.
Anything can happen. I FEEL it when I'm rappin'.
So I'm gonna take my time with it.
Back in wherEVER I please. "Who's He?" You'll see.
If you rollin' correct, I'm sure we'll connect.
But until then let me spit a couple then I'm gon' jet.
I aint the type to hog. In fact, I'm kinda the bomb.
Naw, boy is bad but I'm not one to brag.
But I think he's tight. It aint even right.
Most rappers don't even know how to hold the mic.
And then the wonder why the people aint hyped.
"Haay!" They either love it or they HATE that I'm from L.A.
But what can I say? That's how the cookie crumbles.
Cali Quakin' from the bay down to the jungles
until the wheels fall off. That's why I'm staying humble.
Come in. Connect until I make a bundle.

(hook 2x)

What they wanted me to be, was never on my page.
And it's a trip. They never knew I guess I'm good in a cage
where you can live but never contect 'til bars get bent.
The mess made is the price paid to be freed from torment.

I aint down to front. What I say I back it up.
In school, dreams of ballin' & all was cool.
But "Plan B" kept me from being cold.
See if it's too much of a gamble, man I gon' fold.
"Do Something. Get a job." I told anyone who would listen
and look now they're all in a better position.
Stop wishing. Start coping. Keep hoping. Quit moping.
Only THEN is when I get you broken folks open.
Man I aint jokin'. I had to show 'em I was thought provokin'.
Frontline soldier moldin' and I'm still growin'.
Young buck to Vet. No gold, just respect.
All of which you can get when you stop runnin' and...

(hook 2x)

Walk to it. Step to it. Bounce to it. Live to it.
Track Name: Then & Now
That was then and this is now.
Yesterday is gone no time to clown.
Change in the season happens for a reason.
Fed up but keeping our heads up.
Live for today. (2x)

Now I know you might not know who we are.
Flow on this mic and go by TR'z.
Paid my dues in the streets of So. Cal.
Quick to rip thru a page like a 12 gauge. BLOUW
Jump on stage to rep for my crew.
Don't step. We see thru
the ones who aint true and falsify culture doctrine.
If you gonna be talkin', the beat gotta be knockin'.
Cuz everybody's watchin' including ME.
Big Shame takin' aim and forever will be
on the grind big time.
I aint blind. I'm tryin' to see
what its like up in the "promise land."
But I promise man. I'm an honest man.
So whatever you see me get, no need to trip.
You can rest assured that I EARNED it.
Had to learn quick so I did.
Barely recall being a kid hindsight.
Whatever. I'm like...

(hook 2x)

I've seen 'em come and I've seen 'em go.
A lot of them do run run.
All of 'em won't grow up.
So watch ya back and keep an eye on
the ones who set traps and the ones who do wrong.
I won't make bets that I can't pay back.
but I don't take threats so you better not say that.
See we coming to take back our portion.
Caution. I get "Lost in Thought" like Els & Mach.
And I aint quitting 'til I'm on top. Watch!
Fool please. You be tripping playing hopscotch.
I drop heavenly skills from Bevery Hills to Watts.
I'll never be thrilled by run of the mill roadkill.
Its not for me.
Raphi watches the hypocrisy. Hip-Hop monopoly.
Used to rock to block for FREE for 3 or 4 maybe more,
outdoors in the cold. Truth be told. I know...

(hook 2x)

I've done shows in the rain with no mic for GRUB.
"Underground" when being down was throwing up W
in the club when "Pistol Grip Pump" would thump
because you knew who it was,
not just because it bumped.
Yeah before the Lakers came up and broke the slump.
Never used to pop collars.
Thugs would pop the trunk up at house parties.
"Death Row!...Bad Boy!"
Even before that "Reminiscing over T.R.O.Y."
You know post "Hammer", pre "Master P."
Before the blasphemy.
They used to laugh at me, a middle-class MC.
No big faced bills. Just "Skillz."
Before BIG & Pac got killed.
Rodney King was beaten by cops. a
And we all watched up on news in shock.
Saw dude's head get booted.
Verdict came back "Not Guilty" and we looted,
inside OUR zip codes tho. So it made no sense.
But life had no consequence.
Making ANYthing fun like it was all pretend.
The "Backstreets" were the "Jodeci's" & "Boyz II Men."
Guess that was then and this now.
Yesterday is gone no time to clown.
Change in the season happens for a reason.
Fed up but I KEEP my head up until they take me away.
Track Name: It Goes Down (w. Wordsworth)
Yo follow my lead.
All I need is 4 lines to
make the crew's heads nod before I pass it to you.
I be laughing at dudes who be thinking they can move me. Smooth. We quick on the draw,
puttin' down what we spit witn no flaw.

Shoulda hit record after those couple of lines.
Wordsworth. Tunnel Rats. Same track.
Both coasts are combined.
Rhymes a dozen a dime.
Customers jump in a line.
Album covers of mine, everybody got something to sign.