by Shames Worthy



LPG's cult classic "THE EARTHWORM"

Raphi is featured on: "Slaughter", "Then Came the Dawn" & "Deafening Silence" (not even old enough to drive!!!)

Album also features Pigeon John & Future Shock.


released December 1, 1995

Track Listing:

1. A Place Called Hip-Hop - (beat made by Peace 586 & Trequel)

2. Hour Glass - (beat made by Peace 586)

3. Worst Enemy Greatest Ally - (beat made by Peace 586)

4. Earthworm - (beat made by Soup the Chemist)

5. Too Late - (beat meat by Peace 586)

6. Judge Not - feat. Pigeon John (beat made by Peace 586)

7. Deafening Silence - feat. Future Shock & RAPHI (beat made by Peace 586)

8. Slaughter - feat. RAPHI (beat made by Peace 586)

9. Great to be Dead - (beat made by Peace 586)

10. Then Came the Dawn - feat. RAPHI (beat made by Peace 586)

11. I Wonder - (beat made by Peace 586)



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Shames Worthy Los Angeles

He’s been referred to as “the emcee’s emcee”. He’s a founding member of the TUNNEL RATS crew as well as the group Footsoldiers. RAPHI, who now goes by SHAMES WORTHY paid his dues at such legendary spots as The Good Life, Project Blowed, Elements, Unity, The Breaks & Foundation during “the wonder years” of L.A. Hip-Hop. He’s been all across the country as well as the UK, Australia & Israel. ... more

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