by Shames Worthy



Track listing:

1. Furiously Slow
2. Ukan
3. Yhy?
4. Bells the Rock feat. JURNY BIG
5. heAr feat. RAPHI aka SHAMES WORTHY
6. RikRube
7. Grace feat. SOJOURN
8. Tree Trunx feat. PROPAGANDA
9. Thnk 3xs feat. GRIFFIN
10. Noway! feat. JURNY BIG
11. Puter Game feat. TRIUNE
12. Let’s Go! feat. GRIFFIN
13. Watch (Healing) feat. DAX REYNOSA
14. Lala
15. Wonderland
16. Cool feat. ZANE ONE
17. Huh? Wut?


released July 7, 2009

All tracks made by Peace 586.



all rights reserved


Shames Worthy Los Angeles

He’s been referred to as “the emcee’s emcee”. He’s a founding member of the TUNNEL RATS crew as well as the group Footsoldiers. RAPHI, who now goes by SHAMES WORTHY paid his dues at such legendary spots as The Good Life, Project Blowed, Elements, Unity, The Breaks & Foundation during “the wonder years” of L.A. Hip-Hop. He’s been all across the country as well as the UK, Australia & Israel. ... more

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Track Name: heAr

as I slip into my zone, locked up in a room. Tunes on the headphones.
Yeah I turn the volume up like its NEVER loud enough.
Cuz I be bumpin' as if I'm rockin' the crowd and such.
Thinkin' bout "When will I get out on the road?"
Cuz at home, its a shame Shame don't do more shows.
That's how it goes I suppose when you got 30 or so albums out
but only one of them's your solo.
So your catalog's scattered all over the place.
With minimal exposure exposure, you're just another face
trying to plead their case. Barely can keep the pace.
That's when you need your faith
to still see God's grace in the new day.
Its just a new taste of the new crowd.
New trends. A new chase.
New kids running the same old human race.
If you need me, I'll be lcoked up listening to beats at my place.
Hear. Listen.

Hear. Listen. Listen here!
What do you hear when YOU listen?
Is it clear?
Or if wisdom is hidden within him, is it fear?
How does one overcome if over run?
Hear. Listen. Come on listen here!
What do you hear when YOU listen?
Is it clear?
How does one overcome if over run?
Bare witness watching "thy kingdom come"
Here, listen! HEAR.